The depressing pattern in history.

When you read about all the great people that fought for others and against injustice. You will notice a depressing pattern. These people were punished for their believes or for being different than a society that doesn’t leads you anywhere.

Today lets read about some of the great people who changed the world but were treated terribly.

Some of them saved lives while some of them helped us evolve.

Dietrich Bonhoeffe

When you read history you must have thought why are the Germans in a deep sleep can’t they see that Hitler is a fascist who is bent on killing an entire race.The point is how did he convinced almost the entire country that Jews are the cause of their problems. Looks like Germany was in a deep sleep. Dietrich was a christian priest who protested against Hitler’s views. He influenced people against Hitler.

He organized a radio broadcast in which he talked against Hitler’s views and that broadcast was cut in the middle. Only if there were more people like him in Germany. Later he escaped his country and traveled to US. As the war progressed he felt responsible for all the Germans who had to choose between nationalism and destroying an entire race.

On his return to Germany, Bonhoeffer was denied the right to speak in public or publish any article. However, he managed to join the Abwehr, the German military intelligence agency.

Before his visit to the US, Bonhoeffer had already made contacts with some military officers who were opposed to Hitler. It was within the Abwehr that the strongest opposition to Hitler occurred. Bonhoeffer was aware of various assassination plots to kill Hitler. It was during the darkest hours of the Second World War that he began to question his pacifism, as he saw the need for violent opposition to a regime such as Hitler. Bonhoeffer struggled with how to respond to the evil nature of the Nazi regime.

Within the Abwehr, efforts were made to help some German Jews escape to neutral Switzerland. It was Bonhoeffer’s involvement in this activity that led to his arrest in April 1943. 

When Visser’t Hooft, the General Secretary of The World Council of Churches, asked him, “What do you pray for in these days?” Bonhoeffer replied: “If you want to know the truth, I pray for the defeat of my nation.”

Alan Turing

Alan Turing was an intelligent computer scientist. During the second world war the Britisher’s needed someone who can decode German ciphers. From 1939 through 1940, Turing invented the machine called the Bombe, which was designed to break Enigma faster. By the end of the war, over 200 Bombes were in operation. With the Bombe, the US Navy was able to decipher messages from enemy U-boats much faster, giving the US victory in many battles, including the Battle of the Atlantic.

Turing also made a test to judge a machine’s intelligence known as the Turing Test. He talked about machines having human languages and thinking like a human which today is known as artificial intelligence.

Modern computers are based on his idea and prototype.

After the war he was found out to be homosexual and was chemically castrated. This led him to depression and suicide.


If you read philosophy then you must have heard about him. As they have periods defined on his name. Pre-Socrates and Post-Socrates.

The greatest thing about him was that he was aware of how little he knew.

He always used to say that he knows nothing.

He was often mocked because of his beliefs and was held in trial because he always used to ask people what they know.

He was charged with impiety and corrupting the young. He could have easily saved himself but for that he would have needed to stand against his beliefs. He gave up his life by not properly defending himself and stood by his beliefs till his death.

He was poisoned by Hemlock and was an example of how democracy can sometimes turn into mob rule.

Saving our life is one of the most primal instinct we have. The question that we need to ask ourselves is there something you value more than your life?

Galileo Galilei

Galileo was the one who challenged the believes of the church and the people. Before his discovery people used to believe sun and moon rotate around the earth but he believed that the earth rotates around the sun. He also proved that tides are the reason of rotation. At his time the bible was believed as scientific and he changed that. Ultimately the roman catholic inquisition put him under house arrest for his entire life.

Valery Legasov

Valery Legasov was a soviet inorganic chemist who was a member of the committee inspecting the nuclear disaster of chernobyl.

The disaster could have lead to a thermal explosion killing millions. He stopped the blast from escalating.

He found out that the accident occurred because of the carelessness of the operators but there was also a technical fault in the RBMK reactors. There were many nuclear reactors in the soviet union. He told the truth in the testimony but was alienated by the Soviet Union and in the end committed suicide.

After his suicide the USSR finally admitted that there are technical faults in their RBMK reactors.

Let’s look at the contributions of these people and how they were treated by the very people they were trying to help. Is this the result of wanting positive change for the world?

Post your views in the comments.

Let’s be brave!

Kids are innocent and have a litle idea of how things work out in the world. They don’t know much about this world and it’s people, They look for parents and society to guide them.

Some people still have harmless fun as we had in those days or remember them fondly. It will never be the same but we still try to do that for fun.

The innocence and the ease or happines is somewhat lost after a child becomes an adult because they start thinking for themselves.

The question to ask yourself is have you really started to think for yourself or are you still influenced by the society.

We are a part of this world and it wouldn’t work if we do not learn new information and give it back to others.

I have noticed that so many people are still conditioned by the society without asking any questions. These people will become a part of the toxic society and will try to bring you down.

Sometimes to learn we have to forget.

Your potential is wasted when your actions are being influenced by a crowd.

I may say you should think without being a sheep but wherever you dedicate yourself, think of the greater good.

Work with everyone but think individually.

I am a big history buff and what I can say is that together humans have done horrible things too because the majority wasn’t thinking yet we have also changed the world for the greater good.

When we are not surrounded by fear or judgement of the crowd, our soul gives the answer. That is why this world has also seen brave people who have stood up against injustice.

Let’s be brave to find the truth because the truth guarantees a change.

Seize the day.

Last night I was watching Dead poets society and the movie is great but it made me realized that we should always be self aware, daring and do what is right.

Whatever people think isn’t normal they bend it left and right to change it. So if your voice or opinion is different than others don’t be afraid to speak.

Now look at this image carefully. The students standing up on their desks look confident, self-aware, happy and daring. They will take life as it comes because they know who they are now and what they are capable of.

The students sitting down on their desks on the other hand look scared and mindless. They will do what they are told to and be what the world tells them they can be. They are conformists, they might be successful but they will always have a little regret in their hearts that they never really lived.

What if I stood up that day and tried? Don’t live with that regret.

Life is like a ship, take control of it.

Try to be like the students who are standing on their desks. Don’t agree on what everyone says, find your own answer.

Stand up, try and seize the day.

Because life is like a poem and each one of us may contribute a verse


People frequently feel lost in their life. For me, the reason to feel lost is that I am a nihilist. We live in a world which is a part of a big universe and I don’t know what matters but my life doesn’t. Since our arrival in this beautiful world, we have been hungry for purpose and sometimes that purpose was given to us by our parents in the hospital room just moments after our birth.

Even I have one or two big goals which I wish to achieve. What if even after achieving our Goals we feel lost because I think that until I live I will always feel that frequently. Not knowing what you are doing and what you should do.

There can be multiple reasons to feel confused and lost and sometimes we don’t know why we are feeling so. If we uncover why we are feeling so and make goals for us to work on then we will be fine for a while until you drift again.

No matter how big things get for us or our surroundings it is only in this planet so don’t get carried away as we are not big.

Life is beautiful and it is better to live it with goals and distract yourself from reality.

If you are not able to achieve your goals then keep trying until you think you can’t take it anymore and then make a new realistic purpose or goal which will make you happy and you will be at bay.

You will drift again and again but distract yourself from getting lost with your career, family, the news, entertainment, hobbies.

Our whole life we battle to be happy.

The resolution not followed.

Have you ever laughed at your failure of following up on your new year resolutions.

First of all setting up a resolution when the year is ending isn’t a good idea because you are either looking at your failiures or what you haven’t done.

We also look at what was missing from our year and maybe sad that another year was wasted or was insignificant.

Although it is great for a little introspection and review but you can’t follow on resolutions unil you fail or face challenges.

Maybe to follow up on the resolution there are some changes that have to be made. You can’t loose weight if your lifestyle isn’t healthy.

We make new year resolutions because we want change in our life suddenly on the last day of the year.

Because we are miserable.

It is always good to know that you can do better.

I had a great year because I faced failiure, chaos and change and got something constructive out of it.

It is better to make resolutions when you are faced with challenges and not on the last day of the year.

I hope everyone had a great 2018 and a happy new year.

The malignant pattern.

On November, 2017 we were shocked as the outcome of our actions was in front of us.

It was the great smog of Delhi and the pollution level was shocking this time and we could feel it as it caused various health issues to people.

It was all the years of polluting the air with vehicles, crop burning, burning plastic, crackers and industrialization.

We finally got what we deserved and at the time of Diwali, people were upset because their favorite crackers were being blamed for this sudden spike in air pollution.

They wanted to keep doing this dumb celebration and kill others.

To avoid the city smog and get some fresh and clean air we started travelling frequently to the mountains of India in Himachal Pradesh but we repeated the same pattern there by throwing plastic waste here and there which i have noticed multiple times.

The unique oxygen rich atmosphere allows us to live here and reach the epitome of civilization but we screwed that this also shows what we are capable of.

We are also responsible for screwing the oceans with plastic waste.


After wrecking this beautiful planet we are talking about other options like terraforming mars.

Human beings will eventually get extinct but we have decided that we will also destroy this planet until the D-Day so that it becomes uninhabitable or disappears from the solar system.

We will have our downfall but we are also taking this planet with us.

I would rather save this planet for the future generation or even the next species that will live here and i hope they don’t repeat the same mistake as us.

I don’t know if there is still a chance of survival but i would request everyone to please save this planet.

Finding peace in the ruckus.

People love to travel as they can finally get out of their tiring schedules and visit a different place.

In India we love to travel to Himachal because of the lustrous mountains.

I recently travelled to Triund top and was astounded by the blue sky and the icy mountains.

Nature and culture of a place is the most important reason people travel there.

The most amazing experience for me was when I sat down at the hill top and the sunlight caressed my face.

That image is etched in my mind.

The shiny mountains, the blue sky and the gentle sunlight.

No doubt that traveling is great but let’s be honest, we have a life in the city and can go on vacations only three to four times an year.

We get jealous when we see pictures of others vacations and we get the impression that others have a perfect life.

The wanderlust quotes and movies have also motivated me to leave the ruckus here and go for an adventure.

The question is why do we have to travel miles to experience nature?

Are the cities so messed up?

When we can’t go for trips we should cherish the things we have in home.

Visit the historical places and cultural events in your city like a tourist.

Rise early and experience the sunrise and be happy that you are there for another sunset.

Go for long walks and do everything that you can do at your home that is fulfilling.

So don’t be upset when you are not finding the time for travelling.

Experience and preserve nature at your home.

We should ignore the burden of living the perfect life that social media has given us.

Don’t travel miles to be in a race.

The unwanted experiences

The way we act and behave like tells people about who you are and what are your insecurities.

No one is insecure about something without any reason, yes there are irrational insecurities but most of them are because you experienced something in the past which you didn’t like.

A child who almost drowned in his childhood will be afraid of swimming for a long time till they conquer their fear.

I have a fan theory on the popular television show Rick and Morty on the similar premise.

It is one of the most intelligent, dark and funny animated show.

It is also a show that addresses sexual violence properly.


They are tried to go to prison in a fantasy world where everyone is huge and they are small. Rick is insecure that this will happen.

Surely there are other deadly things that could happen like someone crushing them but he addresses this insecurity.

This tells us that in his years of exploring the universe some one may have tried to force themself on him.

Rick may have killed them but he knows that it is a possibility and happens frequently in this fucked up universe.

Later in the episode when Mr. Jellybean tries to rape Morty, Rick understands the situation in a moment.

He is smart but he understands it way too quickly.


He first comforts Morty about how good his adventure was and then deals with things in his own way.

Our past affects our behavior and may lead to inappropriate actions.

It is always important that we come out of the past.

People might think a certain way because of their past and these thoughts lead to irrational behaviors.

Our past will always affect us either in a positive or negative way.

The past and background of a person can lead to forming certain prejudices.

A person should take decisions with an open mind without any prejudices affecting their decision making ability.

The first step is to know that your past has an affect on you.

The second step is to find what bothers you the most in your past.

The third and last step would be to own the past like a boss.

If you are doing this everyone around you should understand that you have had a hard past and you are trying to overcome it.

People who are unsupportive will eventually make excuses, blame you and then leave you.

It is better you leave them first.

People talk about facing fears but all your fears are etched in the past.

Why not face the past?

I know it is difficult but you have to move on and the longer you hold on the more it will hurt.

Don’t let your past annihilate your future.

Power Is Power

If you need to get something done in this mixed up world you need power either the legitimate one or your own personal power.

The world has changed and evolved, We don’t have autocratic monarchs as our authority figures anymore.

Now we have a lot of powerful figures i.e. Business tycoons, Celebrities, Authors, Corporate managers. This doesn’t end here even the common people are powerful as a small voice can stir a big revolution.

Now that said if there is no absolute power left, then why do we see misuse of power and the old saying “Power Corrupts” is it still valid?


This remarkable scene from game of thrones describes it pretty well. Peter Baelish wanted to create the impression that being knowledgeable means that you are powerful.

Knowledge is power-Peter Baelish

Cersei immediately misuses her power to prove a point ordering the soldiers to arrest him and slit his throat but then orders to leave him.

Power is power- Cersei Lannister

She proves the point that nothing beats the absolute power that she has.

We humans actually enjoy the absolute power that we used to have and after change in time we still have a deep desire for power.

It is actually not our fault but any kind of power that we get to exercise is addictive and we might not see black and white till the time we have it.

There are so many examples where someone gets power and they eventually end up misusing it forgetting the ultimate goal.

One example can be given of Rajat Gupta, the MD of McKinsey & company, his subordinates described him as a modest and honest man.

The world will always appreciate a good leader.

He was convicted for insider trading and other scams. He was seen as a powerful business leader and no one thought that he has been misusing his power.

Misuse of power also hurts the leaders who misuse it and even the emperors couldn’t avoid it.

Emperors who misused power are remembered in history for how terrible they were and it didn’t go well for them in their own life also.

Our parents have used authority over us till we grew up. Wether or not you will be allowed to stay at a friend’s place was also their decision.

Our parents use authority and make decisions just like the different leaders in history. Only the stakes are different.

Extremely strict parenting style doesn’t go well with the kids just like leaders with supreme power don’t go well with the public.

If there is any mistake in the parenting style the effect can be seen on the child.

So can’t leaders see impact of their decisions?

Maybe they can and they were deluded by it.

Parents who are sensitive to their children and more open to them raise better human beings.

Maybe if the people are a little anxious about their goals and sensitive to the power they use. They will make better leaders.

If we exercise power aimlessly then we are just waiting for our own downfall.

A powerful person should know what it is to be powerless.

It clicked!

One great thing about humans is that we all have different ideas in life and we all have different understanding of life. Even a simplest person can think and see what was unseen.
It feels great to have a quality conversation with someone and find out what they think.
So some purpose out of our life can be achieved if we spread our ideas.

Social media applications like Instagram, Facebook, snapchat and many more were developed with the aim to spread ideas. I know not every application had the same intent but social media platform wants to connect people.
It may have connected people across the globe but it is doing harm to us.

Now think of it whenever we go outside these days we have this urge to click pictures before even understanding the setting. We do it and upload it to instagram or other platforms.

Now we keep on checking our phone for likes and i am not even counting browsing on social media.
We have reduced our critical thinking time and there is a big problem.

Each and every human needs to have their independent thoughts and without that we are just mindless animals.

Simon Sinek, an author and TED speaker said in an interview that when we get a like on our picture it releases dopamine and it feels good.
He also said that a lot of people in this generation don’t know how to form meaningful relationships.
Social media can be a good medium to gain information and express yourself but some of these platforms are highly image focused.

If I am at a party then instead of adding stories, I would rather live in the moment.

When the apple felt on newton’s head , he understood that gravity exists. He didn’t have something to distract him.
I am not saying if we don’t obsess with social media we will develop the intellect to discover gravity.
All i am saying is that we haven’t had a normal raw moment without social media interfering in it since a long time.

Constructive things can be done with social media platforms too. I have searched youtube about various problems and for entertainment too.
Our world should be about ideas and not about likes.
Social media has connected people across the globe but it is also separating people.
People don’t meet anyone new anymore or it is rare to have a quality conversation with a friend.
Social media can also be used to enlighten yourself with new ideas.
We are distracted by other aspects of it.